Goals and principles
of kazakhstani Freemasons
  • Each Freemason of the Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan confirms his faith in One God and in the immortality of his Soul.

  • Every Freemason believes that the way he worships God is his business and his alone, and how other Freemasons worship God is their business and theirs alone. Accordingly, all regular Freemasons firmly believe in freedom of religion.
  • Regular Freemasonry does not offer any way to Salvation. Every regular Freemason should seek his path to Salvation where he worships God, which is only encouraged by the Brotherhood and the search for the path to Salvation in the confession to which the Brother belongs is welcomed by the Brotherhood in every way.
  • Religion and politics so often cause discord between people, these issues are prohibited from being discussed in the Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan.
  • Freemasonry seeks opportunities to bring all people of all faiths together in a Brotherhood based on mutual respect in order to work together for the benefit of those in need. If the religion of a Freemason requires him to live a life filled with care and assistance to people less fortunate in this life, Freemasonry will offer him various ways to realize his compassionate passion in life. In this matter, Freemasonry strives to become an ideal companion of any moral religion.
  • A Freemason should never put his duties to Freemasonry above his duties to his family, God, and his country.
Our mission in this world is to become worthy citizens by observing
the highest moral principles, the most important of which are equality, mercy and honesty.
Striving to become worthy citizens, we
  • intend to make every effort to make a good person even better, so that he follows the Divine laws, strives to know himself and the world,
  • must use our time conscientiously, dividing it between honoring the Lord, work, rest and service to society, using our mental and physical abilities in the best possible way,
  • consider it our duty to make full use of our talents in private and public life, in business and in service for ourselves, our families, our environment and all mankind.
Striving for the highest moral principles, we
  • observe the golden rule of ethics in order to do to other people what we would like them to do for us.

  • are constructive in our view of life and support the importance of wellbeingand the independence of each member of society.
Observing the principle of equality,
  • we accept people of any ethnic group on Earth into the Brotherhood.
  • we claim that all people are equal. A person's value is measured by his or her virtuesand not by his origin, religion, social status or wellbeing.
  • we respect the faith and ideals of other people and try to be equally kind and understanding towards all people.
Showing mercy, we
Recognizing honesty as the most important of the virtues, we
  • understand by it a sincere desire for the good of all people.
  • direct it not only in relation to Freemasons and their family members, but to each personand the whole society.
  • donate as much to charity as our wellbeing allows us and work gratuitously for the brotherhood.
  • strive tirelessly for the Truth and believe that nothing can be an excuse for a Lie.
  • treat everyone openly and without prejudice.
We do not know the details of the plan of the Great Architect of the Universe regarding the fate of the brotherhood.
He does not disclose the drawings.
But we know that the world has become different. People hold in their hands the power of scientific discoveries, which
in the near future can make a person almost equal to God, giving him the right to create a new life according to his understanding.
It will take very little time and the power of mind will provide opportunities for significant extension of our earthly path, as the same power half a century ago provided an opportunity to destroy all forms of human life. This power gradually gives any one-aloner the power to produce such destruction in minutes, which were previously only feasible for a great empire in the course of a great war.
And so the deep faith of the wise founders of our order in the possibility of improving man through persistent and purposeful work becomes more and more relevant.
The demand of the time is such that people can no longer remain alone with the power and strength under their control without internal principles and guidelines.
Fraternal principles allow you to create a space
A space that lies in a different dimension from social differences. These principles do not force us to deny the importance of profane life. They enrich it and brighten it with spiritual light.

Brotherhood is not the equality of the foolish with the wise. Just as it is not the equality of the apprentice with the master. This is the equality of all mortals before the Great Architect of the Universe in the humble awareness of oneself as a stone in the immaterial temple of the spirit, created tirelessly by millions of brothers in earthly life, in the manifested world, here on Earth.

Someone does this work selflessly and unceasingly. Someone is quiet and clumsy. But this work is the result of the union of fraternal efforts, it goes on without stopping and without ceasing for a minute for hundreds of years. Many have lost faith. Many have gone into greed. But, nevertheless, the hammers are knocking, and kind words turn into good deeds.
The Brotherhood does not show aggression against the inner world of a person. Demanding faith, tolerance and concentrated spiritual search from him, the Brotherhood does not impose religious dogmas, leaving even such important topics as personal salvation and the fate of the soul after death the subject of intimate religious faith.

Brotherhood teaches humility
To humility, not in the sense of austerity. Russian remarkable word humility comes from the expression "to be in peace." Humility in the sense of avoiding unnecessary conflicts, unity with the Universe, leads closer to what the great writer Salinger called "the main stream of poetry of life." The brotherhood teaches mutual assistance, as well as the ability to distinguish help that saves from help that corrupts, indulges weakness, parasitism and laziness.
The brotherhood teaches tolerance
For in order for each stone to form the foundation or the wall of the coming third temple, the stones must be polished, free from roughness and irregularities. And in order for the lodge to open its works in harmony and love, brothers must be able to forgive each other our imperfections and our mistakes.
The brotherhood expands consciousness
For it recognizes the universal value of certain ethical principles anywhere. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself." And these principles lie above the borders. They are above any earthly authorities. Freemasonry, especially regular Freemasonry, is unthinkable without universalism. Fraternity is world-wide in nature and makes sense if and only if fraternal feelings transcend boundaries.

And therefore the order continues its labors in constant, hourly, tireless service to the Grand Architect of the Universe in the embodiment of his plans on earth. And this plan is to build a temple of the human spirit, which is possible only in faith and devotion. We remember that in any human intention there is a share of curiosity of self-interest. We know that tragedy is at the root of many big things. That's the way the world works. But faith helps the brothers to continue their labors, the word gives strength and guides the wisdom of the creator.

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