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Welcome to the website of the Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan - the only regular Masonic organization, acting in Kazakhstan and recognized by many regular Grand Lodges in different countries all over the world. The Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan is the guardian of the ancient traditions of the Order of Freemasons in our country and together with our Brethren worldwide promotes the spread of Masonic light.
The Order of Freemasons is one of the oldest and largest non-political, non-religious international fraternal and charitable unions. Its history goes back many centuries, but the main Masonic principle remains unchanged:

Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan
M∴W∴ Aidar Alpysbay

For the last 300 years of its open existence, the Order teaches its members love for God, their family and their state, instills in them a love for virtue, justice, generosity and charity. Every Mason is a man of high moral character and worthy character. In Freemasonry, we find good friends, work on ourselves, help our society and strive to comprehend the truth.
For the first time, the Masonic Light appeared in our country back in 1904, thanks to
Alihan Bokeihan, the first Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and the first Kazakh
Freemason, as well as other legendary Brothers from the Alash party and the
Jadidshiler movement. In troubled Soviet times, all Lodges were closed, and only
in 2015 did the development of Kazakh Freemasonry continued.

On a historic day on November 12, 2016 in the Orient of Almaty, the Grand Lodge
of Kazakhstan was established and ritually installed by the Grand Lodge of Russia
in the presence of observers from the Grand Lodge of Austria, the Grand Lodge of
Georgia, the Grand Lodge of Greece, the Grand Lodge of Moldova and the Grand
Lodge of Turkey. For the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, our own and
independent Masonic jurisdiction was created on our native land.

Over the years, we have grown from three to six symbolic Lodges that are actively
working in Astana and Almaty. In the near future, it is planned to open new Lodges in Shymkent, Karaganda and Kostanay. Every year, Kazakh regular Freemasonry becomes more and more famous on the world stage and receives new recognition from foreign Masonic jurisdictions. In September 2023, we plan to hold the next International Masonic Assembly in the capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Almaty.

Our Brethren work tirelessly to become better, are actively engaged in charity,
research and educational work. Harmony and respect reign in our Lodges - a fertile
environment for self-development and mutual fraternal support. There are different
people among the Brethren, but, most importantly, there is no division according to
the degree of influence, wealth, political views, religion, language race or other
intolerance. We do not recognize any intolerances. There are many believing Muslims and Christians, many accomplished scientists, entrepreneurs and cultural figures among us.
The Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan is not a secret, but a closed organization. We do
not open our doors to ignorant people, but we always welcome men who strive for
the Light of knowledge and true Brotherly love. We are intolerant of racism,
discrimination and lack of patriotism. Every Mason is bound to serve his country
with honor, and every Mason is loyal to his country.

M∴W∴ Aidar Alpysbay
Grand Master 2021-2024

Everyone should strive to make this world a better place.
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